Dark Fibre Services

What is Dark Fibre?

A dark or “unlit” fibre refers to a as-yet unused fibre optic cable that is in the ground. Digging fibre optic network routes is a huge investment so cables are often laid with significant additional capacity that can be leased to companies in the future.

Benefits of Dark Fibre


Dark fibre gives you maximum control and flexibility over your network, allowing your network to scale-up as your bandwidth requirements grow – providing virtually limitless capacity.

Security and Privacy

Your network is physically dedicated to your business, and is not shared at any point. This provides you with ultimate peace of mind and can help demonstrate regulatory compliance – your network is 100% private.

Route Diversity

Network route diversity is critical to protect your business. You can design a Dark Fibre network that is graphically diverse from other routes you may currently use, or provide a secondary diverse path.